21st October 2011
Lord Hamilton’s Hogskins. New scratching brand on the market, Lord Hamilton’s Hogskins, No fat, just rind, in three flavours, ‘Sea Salt, ‘Warm Chilli’ & ‘Wasabi’. Sample packs received, reviews coming soon.
Lord Hamilton’s Hogskins

19th August 2011
Chinks or Chicken Skin Chicharon is one of the guilty pleasure snacks in the Philippines.
Take a look at… Chicken Scratchings!

19th August 2011
A few weeks ago we got two really stupid complaint letters. These seemed to be above and beyond the usual misunderstanding emails, so we have made a LETTERS PAGE. Mildly amusing and now we have somewhere to put the future correspondence.
Pork Scratching letters

6th July 2011
Last FM group for people who like pork scratchings. what music do people who like pork scratchings like? probably Radiohead.
Last FM group for people who like pork scratchings

20th June 2011
By popular demand, we have added a new t-shirt (only £13.00) to our ever growing range.
Click here to get your strong healthy teeth round this one!

20th June 2011
EFDEAY – Pig skin tattoo practice
Well if you have to practice, it’s best to be as authentic as you can.

25th March 2011
Pork Scratching Poker!
Eddie, The Student Brewer, in the pub… ‘Those pork scratchings are big enough to play poker with’. This then becomes Pork Scratching Poker. Texas Hold ’em, with chips* and pork scratchings, Sponsored by our friends at Midland Snacks.
Read more about it here

24th March 2011
New Flickr page added – http://www.flickr.com/photos/hairybarsnacks/
This supersedes the previous, reliable Pork Scratchings Packaging Flickr Page which was at http://www.flickr.com/groups/784679@N22. Thanks.

24th March 2011
Kitten’s head wedged into pork scratchings bag by thugs
Old news from November 2010, but I have only just found this article. It’s from the Coventry Telegraph Newspaper online edition.
Click here to read the full story!

17th March 2011
National Pork Rind Appreciation Day, USA
There’s a bloody press release too!
Click here to see the press release PDF

16th March 2011
Rudolph Foods USA have been in touch with HBS!
Today we were contacted by Rudolph Foods, USA. The world’s largest manufacturer of pork rinds!
They are campaigning to give pork rinds their own day in the USA. A National Pork Rind Appreciation Day, on the same day as Super Bowl XLVI, February 5, 2012.
Click here for more information about VotePorkRinds.com

12th March 2011
too much 01 - HBS Pork Scratching News 2011
Macro ‘cash and carry’ in Enfield, Middlesex, UK, sell a great range of porky snacks, in nice multi-pack bags!
Some of our friends here at Hairy Bar Snacks obviously have far too much time on their hands.
Thanks to Tracy who sent this picture!

11th March 2011
sri lankan pork scratchings 01 - HBS Pork Scratching News 2011sri lankan pork scratchings 02 - HBS Pork Scratching News 2011
The place is Marawila, Sri Lanka, it’s the Friday Market, and this stall was selling all sorts of nibbles including what looked like a Bombay Mix and various do’nuts etc.
Thanks to Daisy who sent these pictures!

11th March 2011
On 27th February 2010, we sorted the URL: twitter.com/hairybarsnacks
Today, the 11th March 2011 we sorted the URL: facebook.com/hairybarsnacks
It’s all becoming very organised!

3rd January 2011
Three Colourways, and on any colour shirt you choose!
Click here take a look

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