7th December 2008
Oz and James’ big wine adventure is on the BBC
Series 3: Oz and James ‘Drink to Britain, starts 6th January 8.00 – 8.30.
Hopefully, they will be showing the Pork Scratchings we sourced for them, but don’t hold your breath!
Click here to see what ‘Hairy Bar Snacks’ did for the Production.
BBC page

19th December 2008
Ear shaped pork scratching for sale on eBay.
Click here to read more about it

9th November 2008
New Supplier website, from Uncle Albert’s… Different products to suit different tastes, All traditionally hand cooked and carefully seasoned to perfection.
Click here to read more about it

31st August 2008
Oz and James’ Big Wine adventure series three will be featuring a pork scratching tasting, with hairy snacks supplied by us!
Click here to read more about it

15th August 2008
A new review
Green Top Snacks – Original Pork Scratchings

14th August 2008
A visit to the Great British Beer Festival!
See the pics and read the news

13th August 2008
Ladies Tee Shirts!

3rd August 2008
What’s all this about? http://www.lastfm.jp/group/pork+scratchings

18th July 2008
Another new review by Alicia Fourie the ‘foody cat blog’. The Best EVER! scratchings, take a look more brilliant scratchings!

31st July 2008
Mr Porky has a redesign.
Click here to see the new Mr Porky site

30th July 2008
Billy Abbot says, “One of the most excellent examples of a hairy scratching that I have ever seen. Provided by the Crusty Pork Pie Company at the GBBF 2005. There have been many more hairy scratchings at the GBBF since.”
Click here to see the hairy scratching

21st July 2008
Click here to see the biggest pile of pork scratchings ever!

19th July 2008
See the Flickr group: ‘Pork Scratching Packaging’, it’s a pretty good start, you can add some pics to it if you like. Click here to see the Flickr group
See the Flickr group: ‘Warning On The Package Of Mr Porky Pork Scratchings’, I’m sure they are not that hard are they?. Click here to see the ‘Warning’

18th July 2008
FANTASTIC, a new review by Alicia Fourie the ‘foody cat blog’. Scratchings from a restaurant called Wahaca, take a look. Foody Cat Blog

17th July 2008
One pub we missed on The 2nd Hairy Bar Snacks Pub Evening.
The Good Intent, Upshire, Waltham Abbey, Essex

9th July 2008
The 4th Hairy Bar Snacks Pub Evening (Ongar) – A night of pints, looking for pork scratchings, visiting as many pubs as possible.

  1. The Cock Tavern, Ongar, Essex
  2. The Kings Inn, Ongar, Essex
  3. The Royal Oak, Ongar, Essex

8th July 2008
A great London website, with a groovy Pub section.
You can take a virtual trip through photographs, and see a vibrant city at work and play, if you have never been to London before, or if you are a constant visitor, you can relive your dreams once again.
Click here to visit Knowledge of London

23rd May 2008
The 3rd Hairy Bar Snacks Pub Evening (Mayfair & Soho, London) – A night of pints, visiting as many pubs as possible.

  1. The Coach and Horses, Mayfair, London
  2. The Guinea Grill, Mayfair, London
  3. The Grosvenor Arms, Mayfair, London
  4. The Iron Duke, Mayfair, London
  5. The Masons Arms, Mayfair, London
  6. The Windmill, Mayfair, London
  7. The Blue Posts, Soho, London
  8. The Red Lion, Soho, London
  9. Two Floors, Soho, London

5th May 2008
Ask Mario – a free monthly food newsletter.
Click here to see Ask Mario

28th March 2008
The 2nd Hairy Bar Snacks Pub Evening – A night of half pints, visiting as many pubs as possible.

  1. The Cock and Magpie, Epping Green, Essex
  2. The Travellers Friend, Epping Green, Essex
  3. The Black Swan, Waltham Abbey, Essex
  4. The Sun Inn, Waltham Abbey, Essex
  5. The King Harold’s Head, Nazeing, Essex
  6. The Coach and Horses, Waltham Abbey, Essex
  7. The Wheatsheaf, Waltham Abbey, Essex
  8. The Horseshoes, Upshire, Waltham Abbey, Essex

25th March 2008
New Pork Scratchings website – at the moment, it seems like a one-page affair.
Click here to see www.pigbits.com

21st March 2008
The 1st Hairy Bar Snacks Pub Evening – A night of half pints, visiting as many pubs as possible.

  1. The Moletrap, Theydon Mount, Epping, Essex
  2. The Rabbits, Stapleford Tawney, Essex
  3. The Alma Arms, Navestock, Essex
  4. The Green Man, Navestock, Essex
  5. The White Horse, Brentwood, Essex
  6. The Dog and Partridge, Kelevedon Hatch, Essex
  7. The Shepherd Inn, Doddinghurst, Essex
  8. The Eagle, Kelevedon Hatch, Essex
  9. The Stag, Ongar, Essex

18th March 2008
Number plate madness Someone has HBS’d their car!
Look at this, it’s great

18th March 2008
New Pub The Merry Fiddlers – Fiddlers Hamlet, Coopersale
This could be my new local! take a look

17th March 2008
The Coach and Horses – Soho – London – NOW SELL SCRATCHINGS!
Click here to take a look

18th January 2008
Lessons From The Land Of Pork Scratchings: A Miserable Yank Discovers The Secret Of Happiness In Britain by Greg Gutfeld
Greg Gutfeld was a high-achieving, slim but anxious New Yorker in therapy when he was posted to the UK to take up the position of editor of Maxim magazine. Once settled in London he had something of a cultural epiphany. Service and transport were poor and slow, food was soggy and came in tiny portions and the beer was warm. The British, he decided, viewed the world through a prism of dreariness but, despite this, they seemed to be more cheerful than his fellow countrymen, who expected to be happy on demand. After two years in the UK, Gutfeld was 12 kilos heavier but a lot more content. The key to his new-found contentment lay in adopting the British attitude to life: he too had learned that having diminished expectations reaps its own rewards. His hilarious observations on British culture, rituals and peculiarities at all levels of society are an illuminating insight into the land of pubs and curry, where everyone is called ‘mate’ and people with pimples, wrinkles and greasy hair can get on primetime TV.
click here to take a look his the book!

15th January 2008
Paul Gray – was halfway through his packet of Best Ever Mr Porky Pork Scratchings, he was shocked to discover a beautiful gem of a scratching.
click here to take a look at it!

13th January 2008
Stewart Paterson live in France – he has a blog about this.
This week he made scratchings and gave us a credit.
How to save money on supermarket pork promos and make Pork Scratchings along the way.

11th January 2008
We are off to a good start! – 2 new pubs that are not in London.
The Norman Conquest – Middlesborough – North Yorkshire.
The Hanbury Arms – Bargoed – Mid Glamorgan.

10th January 2008
Beer Website – The beer expert!
Have a look, you might learn a thing or two.

5th January 2008
New Pub – The King Harold – Harold Wood – Essex
Have a look, you might read this and want to go there!

4th January 2008
Along with the new design for pages, we have added a pickled eggs indicator. Does the pub reviewed sell pickled eggs or not. We feel this is very important.

2nd January 2008
We have re-coded the bars and reviews sections of the site. We have improved the look / layout of the pages, which we hope you like. However all old links to the old pages will no longer go to the old pages, just the index page of each section. If you have a link to us, you might want to update them so that they continue to work.

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