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Bacon & Egg Printed Shoes

What better way to start off your morning than by slipping on these Bacon N’ Egg Sharkz shoes from MOZO that feature bacon on one shoe and a sunny-side up egg on the top of the other shoe? They’ll prove to not just be a conversation starter, but they’ll prove they are designed to be a chef shoe. The amount of comfortable they provide is perfect for wearing in a restaurant. If you’re on your feet all day long, and enjoy having a chef uniform that’s unlike any other, you’ll love these limited edition MOZO Bacon N’ Egg Shoes. Some details of the shoes: the Sharkz series brings you lightweight material with side ventilation and slip resistant outsoles. MOZO thought about what chefs need in the kitchen, and combined it all in one pair. It also includes their fantastic MOZOFit System that provides three layers of removable support to create a customized fit than any shoe you own.

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