Snaffling Pig sent us this a few days ago…

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We’re the Snaffling Pig ( and we’re on a mission: To use big, bold flavours and innovative formats to take the humble (but awesome) pork crackling to places it’s never been before.

As an elevator pitch; think Joe & Seph’s but with more pork (and no corn)!

After launching late last year, we think the time is right to stick our trotter proudly in the air and hopefully get your attention. So here goes:

We currently have 9 flavours from tangy Salt & Vinegar and BBQ, through to blow-your-socks-off Ghost Chilli, aka “Pig Of Doom”. Our flavours alone are unique, but it’s perhaps our formats that feel the most exciting for your frankly glorious shelves:

To support our foil bags, we’ve developed a free serve option that develops even larger ROI for you and for the pubs. We offer free kilner jars and marketing to support this as well.

SP Packets Stacked Snaffling 1 682x1024 - Snaffling Pig Rebrand

We’re mere piglets of company, but we have big ambitions- ambitions that absolutely include yourselves. Could we possibly send you some samples or come and see you to let you try our range and see we’re more than just pig puns? It would make our piggin’ week.

Best wishes


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