The changing climate is brewing trouble for the American craft beer industry.

The article we are linking to below is actually referring to ‘climate change’! For so long we have seen the term ‘changing climate’ refer to anything from changing governments, changing interest rates, a looming recession etc, but this time its the real thing.

American beer.

It seems as though as the world is getting warmer, this is having a real measurable effect on the ingredients needed to brew beer, namely barley, hops and water. This article refers to the USA, so nothing will be done, because most Americans are like most people who think they are better off than everyone else. It’s not their problem.

You see it with Americans in general, wasting energy, fuel (SUVs, traffic), water (Dams, leaks, sprinklers), food (fruit & veg), not recycling enough… They think it’s NOT their problem. Let’s just bury our heads in the sand and chant ‘U. S. A!’ – ‘U. S. A!’ – ‘U. S. A!’.  And you see it with America as a country (Leaving the Paris Climate Agreement & Leaving the Kyoto protocol). Sadly, there are too many rich Americans with vested interests in the things that are causing climate change, giving money to the Government for anything to change.

Can this be fixed?

Probably not!
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Trouble is brewing for the craft beer industry across the United States. Barley, hops, and water, three of beer’s key ingredients at local breweries, are all becoming harder to produce in a warming world with extreme rainfall patterns.
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