The Bacon Scarf 2 1 - Bacon Scarf

Bacon Scarf

The Bacon Scarf is here and boy does it look delicious… I mean crispy, I mean warm, I mean just give me some Bacon! It is approximately 53″ long, made of acrylic knit with the unmistakeable essence of Bacon. Will you wear it? Hang it? Fry it up? Whatever you choose to do with it, […]

20140125 135639 e1390659292847 - Hogbites Pork Scratchings

Hogbites Pork Scratchings

We have tried the crackling, and we were not too impressed. Now we have found the scratchings in Tesco, priced at an eye watering supermarket price of £1.04. How is this even possible? Maybe a quid in the pub, on a bad day, but from a supermarket. We’ll do a review soon…