The Daily Telegraph has decided to review some pork scratchings, happy days, let’s see what they say…

telegraph reviewed best pork scratchings - The Daily Telegraph gets in on the act...

They reviewed…

M&S British pork crackling with Cornish sea salt – £1.50 for 45g
These crackling pieces have a slightly puffy texture that makes one more aware of their greasiness, which coats the mouth and lingers.

Mr Porky Crispy Strips – £14.70 for 12 x 20g, Amazon
The bag reveals ‘strips’ in varying shapes and sizes, but they don’t deliver much of a crunch – the texture is more like cheese puffs. There’s a hint of paprika in the seasoning, a nice touch.

The Snaffling Pig Co pork crackling – £1.50 for 50g, Ocado
Quite small snacks, and almost tooth-shatteringly crunchy. But they have just the right amount of salt, and the dusty, slightly sweet-and-sour seasoning is pleasant.

The Garlic Farm pork scratchings with garlic and chilli – £1.95 for 60g, Ocado
Sizeable chunks, with a good, chewy texture. Incredibly dry in the mouth, but the garlic powder adds a moreish flavour boost.

Mr Trotter’s Great British pork crackling – £2 for 60g, Ocado
These pork-rind pieces have a nice rustic look and a pungently savoury flavour. Also available in salt and vinegar, which divided opinion.

Serious Pig snackling with crunchy red apple – £2 for 30g,
Long, thin strips of perfectly crispy skin, and not overly salty. The pieces of apple are a match made in heaven – nibble them together.


All very nice indeed, but surely a list of the best Pork Scratchings should be made from a larger sample size and be constantly updated, just saying!
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