G Simmons Pork Scratchings & Leaf Scrathings delivery from Carl Mildner!

20150514 110402 1 1024x1024 - Delivery from Carl Mildner!

Thanks to HBS friend Carl Mildner for the tasty presents that arrived a few days ago. And for all your good work on facebook, we really appreciate anyone who can get little old Hairy Bar Snacks known to a few more people.

You say leaf scratchings are yuk / I say hot hot hot is going to hurt me, are you trying to kill me?

If you don’t know what leaf scratchings are, click here to read a bit more about them. If you think hairy pigskin is a strange choice for a snack food, then take a look at our page, you’ll be in for another gastronomical eye-opener.

These Naga Chilli scratchings are really going to hurt my mouth, so hopefully, we will live to tell the tale, and we will let you know in a review soon.

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