Can you freeze pork scratchings?

Yes, you can.

Here’s how I found out.

I asked myself the simple question… “Can you freeze pork scratchings?”

I didn’t know the answer.
So, I thought to myself “I think I’ll give it a go.”
It was easy, I simply put a bag of Jays Pork Scratchings in the freezer.
The next bit was even easier, I just left them there and forgot about them.

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3 weeks later

So, I left it a while. Luckily I had a few bags of scratchings sitting in the cupboard, so I didn’t need this particular bag.

3 weeks after putting the bag in the freezer, I got them out and let them defrost naturally.

I opened the bag, all seemed fine, I tasted them and they tasted the same as a normal bag.

The freezing process does not adversely affect pork scratchings in any way that I noticed.

The Caveat

As you can see, I only froze the pork scratchings for 3 weeks. They were still within their best before date.
Another bag bought on the same day and not frozen was the same, still within their best before date.
Both bags tasted the same, both were in date, but one had been frozen.

All we have discovered is that the freezing process does not seem to affect pork scratchings.

Another question would be…

Now that we know we can freeze pork scratchings, can we extend their shelf life beyond their best before date?

So, to answer this question I’m going to put another bag in the freezer today (15th April 2021) and get them out way past their best before date.
Let’s see what happens!

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