The Skibbereen Food Company - Piggy Products Hit the Shelves in Sainsbury’s

Matthew Brownie from The Skibbereen Food Company has been in touch. He produces the Scratch My Pork brand of porky snacks. You may remember reading some of our reviews of his scratchings. Here are the reviews if you missed them...
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Anyway, the news is that his products are now available in Sainsbury's so keep your eyes peeled for them!

The press release can be read below.

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Piggy Products Hit the Shelves in Sainsbury’s

Nine years on from an idea Matthew Brownie had from CIT in Cork, to winning the Best Business Plan for The CIT Innovation Award 2013, The Skibbereen Food Company (TSFC) goes from strength to strength from National coverage in Ireland to international markets in the UK with his successful Scratch My Pork and Pork Crunch range’s.

Amazon in the UK has been a great enterprise to The Skibbereen Food Company with now 30 different snack products offering from 250g bulk bags of Pork Crackling to Pork Crunch to the branded 30g bags on the ready to go Clipstrip.

The Irish market continues to grow nationally with new establishment’s stocking The Skibbereen Food Companies piggy products with Matthew’s local area in West Cork still selling his hogalicious products.

Not forgetting Pembrokeshire in Wales where the first breakthrough came for him in overseas markets.

Matthew with his products that will be available in Sainsbury’s UK.

Lifestyle Whole Range 1024x683 - The Skibbereen Food Company - Piggy Products Hit the Shelves in Sainsbury’s

The big news came at the start of December 2020 when four of Matthew’s products got accepted to be placed in over 220 Sainsbury’s superstore’s that go live in March, which is something Matthew had been set on since the day he started his company

Matthew explains, “This is very exciting news for me and my family, but pressure also comes with going into a major retailer in the UK. Being able to deliver and having scalability is a must and meeting all of Sainsbury’s requirements.

The company is going exactly where I want it to go and set my goals 3 years ago to achieve this. From a local perspective, I’m delighted to share the success with Skibbereen and West Cork, knowing that The Skibbereen Food Company Logo will be proudly showcased around Sainsbury’s stores with the already UK consumer enjoying my snacks.

SECAD Partnership / LEADER / Cork County Council and AIB bank have been a big part of TSFC moving forward with funding along the Local West Cork Enterprise board. Matthew has also started his own cooking YouTube channel that is proving to be a big hit from the Kiwi Culchie Chef.

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