19th December 2006
Another London Bar added! this is becoming a habit!.
The Star and Garter – Soho – London

18th December 2006
Another Bar added! from a recent visit to central London.
The Old Kings Head – London Bridge – London

15th December 2006
A new bar added! from a summer visit to the river Thames in West London.
The Blue Anchor – Hammersmith – London

14th December 2006
An odd picture from scratchings nut Andy Rayner – 10th September 2006.
I know it was submitted a while ago, but I’ve been busy.
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1st December 2006
2 new bars added! both from a visit to the historic village of Castle Hedingham.
The Bell Inn – Castle Hedingham – Essex
The Wheatsheaf – Castle Hedingham – Essex

29th November 2006
Ricks Pork Scratchings going to the Antarctic.
The food that the Empire was founded on – yup – its a super sized fat b*st*rd sack of pork scratchings.
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27th September 2006
There are some folk that think eating pig skin is odd.
There are some folk that think eating pig skin with hairs is odd.
There are some folk that think eating pig skin with a NIPPLE is odd.
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23rd September 2006
Mini Scratchings! these are the smallest scratchings in the world. And you can buy them, even if you don’t have a dolls house!
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9th August 2006
Well here’s a new one, a Korean company called Collatin, selling processed pork rind.
They say Collatin is a domestically developed pork rind snack. The key ingredient for Collatin, pork rind, is processed and carefully selected by domestic companies in Korea.

7th August 2006
Is it a bar? is it a book? It’s something to do with ‘The Yorkshire Grey’ Fitzrovia, London.
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10th July 2006
Tavern Snacks, Pork Scratchings
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18th June 2006
Summertime drinking in merry Covent Garden, London
The Lamb and Flag – Covent Garden – London

12th June 2006
Another ‘foreign’ bar and a new pack, submitted by HBS regular Phil, Ye Olde Red Lion Inn, Tredegar, Wales
Click here to take a look at the bar.

10th June 2006
A Patriotic England Pork Scratchings bar, decorated for the 2006 World Cup.
The Forester Pub – Chigwell – Essex

28th May 2006
A great new Pork Scratchings bar from sunny Greece, submitted by HBS regular Phil, whilst he was on holiday in Kardamena, Kos, Greece
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24th May 2006
I know it’s a bit out of date, but have a look at the pics, there is a heart-stopping pile of our little friends from The Great British Beer Fest (August 2003)
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19th May 2006
At last, I have remembered to take a camera to the pub and document the 1st Bar that sells scratchings!
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28th April 2006
Win a year’s supply of pork scratchings! (Closing date 31st August 2006)
To celebrate the publication of The Longest Crawl: A Journey Through an Intoxicated Landscape by Ian Marchant.
Click here to win them!

27th April 2006
Here’s a couple of nice pack pics, taken with a mobile phone, in the pub! thanks to Jo Robertson!
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25th April 2006
Here’s a nice article from seethruzine, bemoaning the death of traditional crisp flavours.
The reason for its inclusion on this site is its ‘what’s next’ mention of Pork Scratchings and their potential future ‘poncey’ name.
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24th April 2006
Here’s something to keep you amused! It’s the DRAW A PIG – Personality Test.
Draw a pig, and then find out what it says about you…   …nice
Thanks to ‘Hairy Colin’ for this submission.

22nd April 2006
Pork Scratchings in the British Press and at the North Pole and the South Pole!
We’ve found a nice article in the DAILY EXPRESS about Mr Porky’s.
Click here to see it

26th March 2006
Another good find by Andrew Hawkins, a pork crunch variation on everyone’s favourite Mr Porky’s. Click here to see the pack, and thanks again, Andy!

3rd February 2006
A good find by Andrew Hawkins, Click here to see the pack, and thanks, Andy!

23rd January 2006
An excellent submission from a true fan, H.W.FAN. Whilst he was surfing this site, he came across a monster piece! It was from a Fresher’s Top Notch Pork Scratching pack which he got from Asda. It’s easily 3 times as big as the regular sized pieces in the bag. Great stuff! Click here to see it.

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