What are the Best Value Pork Scratchings?

The best value pork scratchings are Jay's Pork Scratchings.
They are available from Home Bargains and cost 49p for a 60g bag.

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At 49p for a 60g bag of nice pork scratchings, you really can't go wrong.

It's common to pay around a pound for a bag of scratchings.

So, 49p is about half the price of other similar-sized bags that are commonly available from British supermarkets.

49p is even less than half the price, compared to the price of a bag from a convenience store.

You may pay more for pork scratchings from the pub

You may pay more for pork scratchings from the pub. Just like you may pay more for a pint of beer from the pub. But this means nothing. The cost of something is not the same as the value of something.

I have never paid money, just for a pint of beer from my local pub. Yes, the pint may cost some money, but I'm not just paying for the beer. I'm paying a bit for the beer, and a bit for the location, heating, lighting, convenience, atmosphere etc. So the same applies to anything that you buy as a convenience.

If you buy scratchings from the pub, you should expect to pay at least a pound and maybe more more. Rarely does the price of a bag of scratchings reach the giddy heights of two pounds.

Pork scratchings bought from gastro pubs may cost even more

Gastro pubs often sell scratchings from a jar. This is somehow seen as an artisan option. The public are shielded don't get to see a 'grubby' little plastic bag. They are served scratchings, olives, nuts from a large jar. dished up in a little bowl. All very enviromentally friendly.

Scratchings from a big jar may not stay as fresh as scratchings from a bag, so beware.

You'll get a portion of scratchings for some money. This may cost more than if they were available in a small bag.

Excellent Value Outlier

I recenly visited 'The Olde Mitre' pub in London. They sold pork scratchings from a big jar. They were spooned out onto a little plate. They cost £2 per portion.
I received a very plate full. They fresh, crunchy, amazing. Excellent value.

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Jay's Pork Scratchings Review

We reviewed these scratchings back in August 2008! Click here to read the review.

Update: Even Better Value!

If you are buying in bulk, then we have found an even better value offering of Jay's Pork Scratchings from Star Bargains online shop.
They are 50p per bag or 3 for £1.00! That's just 33p per bag.
Shipping is free if you spent over £40. So that's easy, you just need to buy 120 bags to save the £6.00 shipping cost. Sweet!

Looks like Tesco once sold Jay's Pork Scratchings

This is a 6 x 15g bag multipack. Or as we like to call it, one bag annoyingly split into 6 little bags!

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