Well, there are only a few days left until Father’s Day, so if you haven’t press ganged the kids into getting you anything yet, some of the following alcoholic gifts may inspire you. Hmmm… It may be difficult to get some of these gifts if your kids are under 18, so get the other half to help.

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The article says: Ties, mugs and slipper gifts are all well and good, but what dad really wants is the gift of booze. Something that he can sup while lounging in the garden, watching you mow his lawn. Or as a stimulus for a nice long nap in front of the telly. Here’s our list of top boozy gifts to bring colour to his cheeks and tears to his eyes (in the nicest possible way).

(and number one on the list is)  1. Snaffling Pig Gifting Jar: £29.99, The Snaffling Pig Co… The best bits of a pub, stuffed inside a box. This pork-tastic gift set contains four tasty ales from Hogs Back brewery and a 1.3 litre jar crammed with the finest pork scratchings you’ll ever taste. They’re double fried for extra crispiness, and are so moreish we had to hide ours out of trotters’ reach to stop us from pigging the entire jar. The scratchings come in a variety of flavours, but watch out for the fierce chilli burn of the ‘Pig of Doom’ – it’ll blow your old man’s slippers off.

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