Good heavens, whatever next?
We’ve had a #vine account for a while now, but never had cause to use it.

vine glyph 2x 1 - Hairy Bar Snacks is now on Vine! #vine

So, last week, we got two special deliveries.

The first was from Claudias Kitchen, Jerk Flavour Pork Crackling.

The second was from Mr Trotters, Pork Crunch (plus a bag each of the regular scratchings)

Many Thanks to those who were so generous, we will be tasting your wares very soon.

So, as an homage to the world of youtube unboxing videos, we have made a few vines for you to see.

Click here to see our vine account, and if you have the app, I’m sure you can find us!

Claudias Kitchen Website
Mr Trotter’s Website

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