Obviously you like the odd pork based pub snack, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. But I’m going to have a wild stab in the dark, and presume that you also like the odd grain based beverage?
Beer and scratchings, a perfect combination.

But today another combination appeared before my eyes, in addition to our two favourite things, a new one, of the garden based temporary building variety.

Enough of the euphemisms, this site name is more than enough. SHEDS! yeah! sheds. Beer and Scratchings in the shed! And make the shed a bar, KABOOM!

or as HBS regular Phil suggests…
1. Get a shed.
2. Get permission from the boss to put it up.
3. Get permission to turn it into a pub.
4. Invite people round to drink in it.

And why you ask has this happened today, well, it’s all because of a new twitter follower… Andrew Wilcox @unclewilco

wilco3 1 - Scratchings, Beer, Sheds

He’s the head Sheddie/Founder/Judge Shed of the year #shedoftheyear – amazing spaces TV – coffee/beer fan.

So, I suggest you go and have a look at his stuff (links below), it’s great. I’ll be posting a few of the more HBS relevant pages up on the site over the next few days.

Andrew Wilcox ShedBlog page
Andrew Wilcox’s website
Home of Shed of the year

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