A Crazy $5.00 for one Tortilla Chip, but is it worth it?
Well, if your idea of fun is the maximum pain for your money, then $5 is much cheaper than the S&M alternative you were thinking of.
Sold out this year, but they will be back for 2017.

one chip challenge 1 - PAQUI - Gourmet Tortilla Chips - #OneChipChallenge

Paqui’s Carolina Reaper Madness is sold out, but the #OneChipChallenge will be back next year! Join our #OneChipChallenge mailing list to be the first to receive exclusive updates. Until then, look for Paqui’s other tasty chips, including the terrifyingly spicy Haunted Ghost Pepper.

Source: PAQUI – Gourmet Tortilla Chips – Non-GMO Project Verified

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