The label says:
Killer Naga Pork Crackling
Hallowed Be Thy Pain

wpid psycho SCRATCHINS  - PSYCHO SCRATCHIN'S - Naga Pork Crackling

Dr. Burnorium Says Dr. Burnorium says:
Prepare yourself for one of the best fiery snacks ever.

The finest traditional pork scratchings just got the Psycho treatment.

If my Psycho Scratchin’s ain’t the perfect accompaniment to a pint I’ll smother my hat in Psycho Juice and eat the bloody thing.

Incredible, crunchy, porky perfection liberally dusted with a face-melting naga jolokia (Ghost Pepper) seasoning.

Addictive ain’t the word. You’ll wish that these bad boys came in a bleedin’ carrier bag.

As with all my Psycho products only the best will do.

I sincerely hope you enjoy eating these as much as I did creating them.

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