20150529 131453 1 900x900 - Tonight - Naga Hot / Traditional / Chilli Hot / Leaf Scratchings

Tonight at the Victoria Tavern Loughton, We are tasting…

G Simmons & Sons – HOT! HOT! HOT! Pork Scratchings. Naga Jolokia chilli flavour.
Visit G Simmons website
Gift from Carl Mildner.

JT Roast Pork Crackling. Traditional Scratchings.
Visit F J Tye & Sons website
Gift from Richard Graham.

The Chilli Jam Man – Squealers. Hot & Spicy Pork Scratchings
Visit The Chilli Jam Man website
Free Samples supplied by the Chilli Jam Man

Unbranded Leaf Scratchings. No Particular details
Click here to read more about them
Gift from Carl Mildner.

Many thanks to those who have so generously supplied us with these tasty treats. Without you, we’d be nowhere!

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