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New Coupons Available in the Shop

Great news... As you may already be aware, we have partnered with online merchandising company Spreadshirt to produce all of the things in our shop. You know the stuff, the tee-shirts and caps and bags and mugs etc.. It's a great way for a small business to make a few quid towards paying the bills, which I can tell you 'we need!'. If you studied the cost-benefit analysis of designing, building and hosting this site, you would soon find that it's the biggest drain of my time and smallest contributor to my income ever. But that's not your problem, it's mine, :-).

What's great about Spreadshirt is that we don't have to go to the expense of buying stock and shipping products. I design something, add it to their system and then create a glittering array of luxury gift ideas for you, the unsuspecting punter, to drool over. If we sell something, we get a small commission, which is very welcome, I can assure you.

We use a WordPress Plugin Called SpreadPlugin

So, what's new? Well, we also use a WordPress plugin called SpreadPlugin. This allows me to display all of the products from my Spreadshirt Shop right here on my website. Great!

Spreadshirt often has special offer coupons available for everyone to use. But until now, I would have had to see these coupons, in time, and then manually add them somewhere on the site, on the off chance that on that specific day, someone might buy a pork scratching gift for someone who already has everything they need. And need the coupon. The problem is that not all of their coupons are applicable to all shops, so it just became a total minefield.

The Coupon Widget

Thimo Grauerholz who developed the plugin is always adding features to the plugin and has just added a coupon widget to the newest version. It's great. If there is an applicable coupon that's available for my shop, then the offer, the expiry date and the code will be shown.

Like here:

The Offer
The Expiry Date
The Coupon Code

The coupon will be visible at the top of the right hand sidebar if available.

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In Conclusion

So, in conclusion, 👀 KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED 👀 for the coupon codes. It will appear on the site if available. And this way, I don't have to keep fiddling while Rome burns, I can get on with my real job, and you guys can take advantage of a little discount on your next crazy pork scratching gift idea!

Thanks for supporting Hairy Bar Snacks in whatever way you can.

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