Website Redesign and Tidy Up. 

The Hairy Bar Snacks website has been a bit of a sprawling mess for a few years now. I simply didn’t have the time to make things the way I wanted them. The old site was built by me, by hand, a very long time ago and it worked fine, for ages, but things change.

Technical boring bit: the old site was coded in HTML the server running PHP 5.4 with a MySQL database. I really needed to update the version of PHP for lots of reasons, but the problem was that if I updated the version of PHP then the site broke. I didn’t have time to re-code the site, so I partially rebuilt it in WordPress, at first, moving a few easy pages. I left the reviews pages as links back to the old site which was not ideal, but necessary at that time, due to the sheer number of the damn things.

new hairy bar snacks website design - Website Redesign and Tidy Up

Then, a few weeks ago, I decided that it was time to bite the bullet as WordPress was going to stop working on PHP 5.4. So, I copied the site to a temporary domain name, then found a nice free theme and then manually copied the 100s of pork scratching and pub reviews from the old site, but this time making sure that everything I did would be good for the future.

I also added a reviewer plugin to the site so I could show all of the reviews in a better way. This plugin allows you to add your own review to any of the scratchings or pubs on the site, so go on, dive in! Search for a brand you have tried and write a review.

your review - Website Redesign and Tidy Up

So, the next thing on my list is to transcribe the 100s of pork scratching reviews that I didn’t have time to add to the old site. These are all written on paper, in a box in my office. This is going to take a while, but you should see them appear on the site every now and then, when I get 5 minutes.

written pork scratching reviews 1024x768 - Website Redesign and Tidy Up


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