not very often, we review one type of chicken scratching…

Some years (Since 2005 A.D.), we secretly award to the best of the year, the prestigious ‘chicken scratching of the year award.
There are no previous winners.

This year is going to be different, the vote is open to the lumpenproletariat, so come on in, join the party and cast your precious vote*.

Untitled 21 1 300x300 - Chicken Scratching of the Year 2015 - tell us your favourite

Please have a look at the list on the following page, and cast your vote.
3 votes per person, no login / sign up needed, producers feel free to skew the results with your massive address books filled with chicken lovers!
If your favourite is missing, drop us an email and we’ll add it as soon as we can.

*As with all voting, your vote won’t make any real difference, so why bother. However, if only a few people vote of course, then bang, one vote… your vote could crown a champion in 2015.

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