26th October 2010
Pork Scratchings could be GOOD for you SHOCK!
The bar snack we all want to have but are too embarrassed to ask for is actually packed with goodness.
‘Two-thirds of all its fat is actually mono and polyunsaturated fats, beneficial for heart health, with 13 per cent of its fat coming from stearic acid, a type of saturated fat that doesn’t raise cholesterol levels,’ says Collins.
‘Because what you’re eating is effectively concentrated collagen from skin, it has an amazingly high protein content to keep you feeling full, and benefits muscle and bone health.’
One 20g bag contains 2g more protein than an egg or about a fifth of your recommended daily allowance. They also have very little sugar and just 0.3g carbohydrates in a packet.
The main health concern is its salt content, so moderate your consumption.
Click here to read the Daily Mail article

13th October 2010
How to make Pork Scratchings, VERSION 2, This time we got it 100% right
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4th October 2010
Website Update! Well here’s the deal, I have taken pictures of all the pork scratching bags collected over the years, some bags still had a large scratching inside, ready to be photographed, so I did these too. The box was becoming rather full due to my extremely bad filing system. I have also collated all the pork scratching pictures I have ever taken, as it was getting to be rather messy on my hard drive! So with all this done, I can attempt to fill in the gaps in the site, add reviews never uploaded and show you some more of the pubs we have visited. So, come back soon, for more porky info.

28th September 2010
Fresh Pork Scratchings, from Middle Farm Shop, Lewes, East Sussex
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24th September 2010
How to make Pork Scratchings, it’s what you’ve been waiting for…
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13th September 2010
Sandringham Game and Country Fair Show
You guessed it!
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12th September 2010
Scoop and Save, Hunstanton, Norfolk.
Everything sold by weight, but what do we have here?
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7th September 2010
After our appearance on the Radio 4 Food Program, we had a huge and positive response from all our visitors, many many thanks.
One intrepid visitor contacted the BBC about “leaf scratchings”, The BBC then let us know and we have the scoop. We had no idea about these and will be getting some in for review very soon.
Click here take read more about LEAF SCRATCHINGS!

3rd September 2010
Our friends at EGG PUB have something new… PICKLED SQUEGGS! If you like scratchings from the pub, then you’ll love pickled eggs from the pub.
Click here take a look at EGG PUB

31st August 2010
Pork Scratchings ‘Rogues Gallery’ Added. Oh dear! More pictures as we find them…
Click here see THE Pork Scratchings ‘Rogues Gallery’

25th August 2010
How to review pork scratchings page added to the site.
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16th August 2010
Mentioned on Radio 4, right at the end, just in case you want easy access… Click here for Fanny’s Scratchings

15th August 2010
Apologies there is someone else I know of who collects Pork Scratchings bags… See the Flickr group: ‘Pork Scratching Packaging’, you can add some pics to it if you like. Click here to see the Flickr group

12th August 2010
News Feed added to Feed Burner.
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12th August 2010
The Radio 4 Pork Scratchings Food Programme date announced.
It’s on BBC Radio 4, Sunday 15th August 2010 at 12.30pm, click here for more information.

6th August 2010
Pictures from The Radio 4 interview added, click here to take a look

28th July 2010
After getting the new BigD bag the other day, from the Hotel Wroxham Bar, Norfolk I was pretty happy, but then I spotted something odd. The scratchings were in a large bag pinned to the wall, and on the bottom of the bag, it said… BigD care line 0800 731 4454. Care line? What’s that all about. We shall investigate.

27th July 2010
Yesterday I met up with Charles Campion and had a nice chat about scratchings for Radio 4’s Food Programme. There were two parts to the proceedings, part one of the interview was at Kam Tong, a Chinese restaurant in Queensway, London. Crispy belly pork, standard Chinese fare, Nice. Then on to part two which was at Tom Pemberton’s Hereford Road restaurant. Roasted & deep-fried scratchings plus a delicious crispy belly pork salad all served with palette cleansing pickles, Sublime. More info on the day, coming soon.

23rd July 2010
Girl Interrupted Eating’s Blog has a nice scratchings recipe…
Click here to read just how to make them

21st July 2010
The BBC has come a calling, once more, this time it’s Radio4’s Food programme.
They are doing a series on under loved foods, 3 episodes, a. The Doner Kebab, b. The Pork Scratching and… c. Jelly!
It looks like I’m going to be interviewed by Charles Campion Food dude. Should be fun, and I’ll let you all know how it goes!

20th July 2010
Tom Parker Bowles, Daily Mail food dude, writes… Salty, crunchy, bad for you, as well as irresistible – why pork scratchings is the king of pub foods.
Read the article

14th June 2010
Probably the Hairiest Pork Scratching in the World!
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21st March 2010
Not Pork, but bacon, bacon flavoured toothpicks nice!
bacon flavoured toothpicks click here

3rd March 2010
HBS welcomes our 1st twitter follower!
Welcome, welcome, welcome to ‘The Old House Sheffield’ our first Twitter followers. Obviously, we won’t be listing people as they follow us, but the first always deserves a mention.
It seems like a nice place, and I’m sure to visit next time I go to Sheffield. They say it’s comfortable and relaxed, where you can choose your music, your favourite drink, somewhere comfy to sit and something tasty to eat.
Nice, and thanks for following our lazy attempt at social networking!
Click here to visit The Old House Sheffield website

3rd March 2010
Hairy Nut Scratchings
This is not normal in any way

28th February 2010
Article Section added
A new section for easy access to various articles we have collated and published over the years.
Pork Scratching Articles

27th February 2010
Search for people talking about scratchings on twitter!

26th February 2010
We have now added a twitter account, you can see what we are up to on this page (Hairy Bar Snacks home page), or click here to follow us with your twitter account.

20th February 2010
The Publican Magazine
The Publican magazine is doing an article on bar snacks and called me for a chat.
Hopefully, when it comes out, they’ll mention the site in the article.
The Publican Magazine

8th February 2010
Mr Porky – Darts Sponsorship
An old story from January 2008, meet the darts ace who looks pretty cool in pink!
Thanks, Click here to see more

13th January 2010
Mobile site upgrade!
Get mobile directions from where you are to any of the reviewed pubs on hairy bar snacks.
Simply type where you are, into the box on any review page, and your journey will be calculated.
Thanks, Google maps!

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