Scratchings, Beer and fags

Scratchings, Beer and fags!

The Scratchings, Beer and fags blog is a blog about… Go on, have a guess. Yep, it’s about Pork Scratchings, Beer and fags!
It’s a great blog, nicely written with an interesting style. But it is a little bit offensive. You will be warned about this before you visit the site.

And here is a link to the post that shows the crazy hairy scratching!

There is a short post about Leaf Scratchings:

If you are interested in Leaf Scratchings, then why not have a look at our leaf scratchings post.

leaf scratchings 005

Update as of January 2020

The site has not been updated since 2014.
In the word of blogging, this indicates that the site was once loved but is no longer. And with no financial implications to running a Blogspot blog (they are free), the blog just stays there for ever and ever.
In the world of books, not updating anything for 5 years is no big deal. It’s a shame that the internet demands new content and updates so often. Much to the detriment quality content, if you ask me!

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