What’s a Lunker?

Today I learned a new word… Lunker.

Well, I learn a ‘new’ word most days because I have signed up to Dictionary.com’s Word of the Day mail out. You should too! Some word you will know, lots you may not, I suppose it all really depends!

But why am I telling ‘you lot’ about this specific word?

Well, for once, the word has a little bit of relevance to the Hairy Bar Snacks site. One of the things we always used to do (when the site was older and not WordPress) was to take a picture of a bag of scratchings, full and empty, plus a picture of the biggest scratching in the bag. I must have had more time on my hands than I do now, because these days, one full bag picture seems like enough effort these days!

The word Lunker is a noun, and it means, ‘something unusually large for its kind’.

‘Unusually’ being the pertinent point here. So now we know, the massive scratching in the bag, the biggest one, the one that’s unusually big, the one that sometimes takes up half the space in the bag, is called a ‘Lunker’.

freshers - What's a Lunker?

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