how to make pork scratchings 01 lge 1024x965 - Are You Stuck Indoors?Are You Stuck Indoors?

Hopefully, everyone is well and doing all they can to stop the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Try not to read too much gossip, it's depressing and paralysing. Stick to propper news from propper sources like the BBC.

But if you are stuck indoors, why not try and make some pork scratchings. Now is the perfect time.

The shelves in the supermarket are bare, not a loo roll in sight. If you are worried that you may run out of loo roll, don't, there are other ways to clean your bum. But if you are especially concerned, why not have a look at the 'How much toilet paper website' - The simple calculator for how much toilet paper you need to survive the pandemic.

Not all of the shelves are bare

Have a look in your local supermarket, yes, it can still be found, raw pork rind for crackling!

Once you have bought a few rolls, that's all the hard work done. We have done all the donkey work for you and created a few perfect recipes/methods. Then all you need to do is follow the easy instructions, make up a little batch, kick back with a can of beer, stick on the TV and relax.

The Classic: Pork Scratchings in the oven method.

The Quicky: Pork Crackling in the frying pan method.

The Festive: Perfect Pork Crackling Christmas Decorations method.

Stay Safe!

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