Tips for buying reduced pork rind from Morrison’s

As you know, we often buy our pork rind from Morrison’s. Because it’s almost always available and it’s often reduced in price. These two things make me very happy.

Some of you may not approve of supermarket meat and prefer to go down the traditional butcher’s route. More power to you. But living where I live, having a family and not much free time, convenience is definitely a consideration that has to be made. Finding pork rind in the reduced section is always an added bonus. I am happy to pay less for the same thing every time!

So, with all this in mind…

Tip 1 – What time of day does the pork rind get reduced?

If you don’t arrive soon after the reductions are made, I don’t think there’s much chance of getting your hands on some nice cheap pork rind!

Try to find out the time of day when each department reduces the food that’s near its best before date. Forget dry goods, we are only worried about the fresh produce, fruit and veg, meat, fish, dairy, ready meals etc.

Each department will separately reduce the items it needs to get rid of. This is often based on the perishability of the goods. It means that salad leaves and fruit, seem to be reduced at the start of the day. These things can so easily look a bit ‘worse for wear’ when they are nearing their best before date. So giving people a big window of opportunity to buy the reduced food is a safer way to get rid of as much as possible.

At my Morrison’s, the meat seems to be reduced later in the day. Pork rind is part of the in-store butcher’s department. Ideally, we need to make friends with the butcher. They run the counter and will often put out all the other meat stuff. It’s easy to ask the butcher when they usually reduce the prices of the meat. Go on, ask them! They are not going to bite your head off, are they? The worst-case scenario is that they don’t tell you. You will just need to spend a bit of your time working it out.

Some meat arrives at Morrisons ready-packaged, this is simply put out in the fridges. Some things like pork rind seem to be packaged on site. Each portion is weighed and packaged by the butcher. I have looked and each pack of Morrison’s pork rind is different. Some are large, some are small, some are thick, some are thin. Each one is sold based upon its weight. At the time of writing, March 2021, Morrison’s British pork rind for crackling is £1.75 per kg.

Look for the pork rind that you like best.

Sometimes finding out when food is going to be reduced can be trickier than expected. Food is not always reduced at the same time each day. If this is the case, forget about it, just pop in randomly.

Sometimes stuff comes out the day before!

Some things are not always reduced on the day of their best before date. Sometimes stuff is reduced right at the end of the day, just before the shop shuts. This means that is ready for the next day. So, simply pop into Morrison’s right at the end of the day. You might get lucky.

I presume that the reason things are reduced the day before is that there’s someone on duty who’s a little bit ahead of the curve. They have done all they need to for that day and are doing a few things that will just need to be done the next day. I see them, happily adding little yellow stickers to stuff that reaches its best before date tomorrow.

Tip 2 – Buy your pork rind right at the end of the day

If you can’t find out exactly when your supermarket reduces its pork rind, then this is the answer.

Simply wait until the end of the day and see what’s available.

This can be a dangerous game to play. There is a good chance that the rind will all be gone. However, you might be lucky. If this is the case, you can get a super reduction, usually, down to 5% of the original price.

Morrisons reduced pork rind for crackling 1024x825 - Tips for buying reduced pork rind from Morrison's

Tip 3 – Check the original price of the pork rind.

Look at the weight of the rind. And then look at the yellow sicker original and reduced price.

If you watch the person doing the reducing, they will look at the price of the item, press a few buttons on the reducing sticker machine, then a few little yellow reduced labels are printed out with the new reduced price. These are then stuck on all the items that are the same. This is fine for things truly the same, with the same price.

The reduction is a percentage of the original price.

But as we know, Morrison’s pork rind is individually priced. This means that to reduce the rind properly, the member of staff would have to input the price of every pack of rind, press a few buttons and get a new reduced price for every single pack of rind. This means there should be a different reduced price for each and every pack. But reducing every pack individually is going to take a bit of time.

As we all know, people are busy. A simple/quick way to reduce multiple packs of the rind is to find one single price, input it into the reducing machine and print out lots of new yellow stickers. For every pack of rind, all with the same price reduction.

This is what I saw the other day, 10 packs of rind. They were all reduced from 63p to 48p. But I took a closer look at each of the packs. The original prices ranged from 60p to 97p.

Boring maths bit.

A reduction from 63p to 48p works out at 76.2%. Accounting for rounding, I’m guessing there was supposed to be a 75% reduction.

Of the 10 packs I saw that were reduced:

The lightest pack: 60p original price works out at a reduced price of 45p
The master pack: 63p original price works out at a reduced price of 48p
The heaviest pack: 97p original price works out at a reduced price of 73p

So, what I’m saying is if all the reduced prices are the same, then check the weights or them all and buy the pack that’s the heaviest. I bought the 97p pack for 48p.

In Conclusion

Life’s too short to do any of this. But if you have the time and the inclination, go for it. You now know the way it works.

Good luck bargain hunter.

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