Anco Pork Scratchings for Dogs

I don’t really know what to say about these pork scratchings for dogs.

I’m not going to try them. So I can’t review them.

Anyone (any dog) I know who I could ask to try them won’t really be able to give me the sort of comprehensive review that I’m looking for.

They do seem like an ideal porky snack for your dog though!

Can Dogs Eat Pork Scratchings?

Well, dogs are a bit like people. They should try and eat a healthy diet. But for the dog, that’s down to the owner. Feed your dog well.

If I were you, I would not let my dog eat normal pork scratchings as they do contain additional ingredients that may not be so good for your canine friend. I’m pretty sure that if your dog ate the odd pork scratching it would not do too much harm, but as usual, never take medical advice (for a dog or human) from a pork scratchings website.

However, it looks like there are pork scratchings that are produced specifically for dogs. Do your own additional research, have a look at the Anco website first and make up your own mind. If you do decide to buy these pork scratchings for your dog then here’s some additional help…

When You Take Your Dog to the Pub…

When you take your dog to the pub, the publican may only offer your four-legged friend a bowl of water at best. So, here is the solution…

1. Buy some of these Anco Pork Scratchings for Dogs.
2. Buy some Bottom Sniffer Dog Beer! You can read more about it here or buy it from here.
3. Wait for them to be delivered.
4. Go to the pub.
5. Serve both items to your dog.
He/she won’t feel left out by only having a bowl of water, he/she will now feel part of your Pork Scratchings and Beer gang!

Anco Naturals Pork Scratchings Bag - Anco Pork Scratchings for Dogs. - Can Dogs Eat Pork Scratchings?

Anco Naturals Pork Scratchings - Anco Pork Scratchings for Dogs. - Can Dogs Eat Pork Scratchings?

Anco Pork Scratchings for Dogs Contains
100% Pork
NO Artificial Colourings
NO Artificial Fragrances
NO Artificial Flavours
NO Preservatives
NO Additives

Nutritional Analysis
Protein 50%, Fat 48%, Ash 1.3%

Other Dog Pork Treats

Who knew that there were so many porky snacks for your dog!
I found these Pets Purest 100% Natural Dog Chews called ‘Pork Curls

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