87562388 87562387 1 - Nigel Farage urges 'mass protest' at alcohol guidelines

Right-Wing Baby-Kissing Cheshire-Cat Beer-Monster Nigel Farage may actually have a point.
But really all I think he’s actually saying is “I drink beer… …I drink more than you say I should… …so you can stick it up your arse!” – which is what every other person who drinks is saying right now!

Read on…

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has urged a “mass protest” at new alcohol guidelines in the UK, which he says are a “form of nannying”.

Recommended weekly alcohol limits have been substantially reduced and health officials now say there is no such thing as a safe level of drinking.

Mr Farage conceded there was a problem with a “binge drinking mentality”.

But he said people should be able to enjoy a drink or two whether “it slightly shortens our lives or not”.

87562386 faragepa 1 - Nigel Farage urges 'mass protest' at alcohol guidelines

Source: Nigel Farage urges ‘mass protest’ at alcohol guidelines – BBC News

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