Bacon infused vodka, now that sounds like something we should all try!

Thanks to a hodge-podge of post-Prohibition alcohol regulations many states have never modernised, plenty of bizarre booze laws can still be found across the US. It’s a lesson a manager at a bar in Oklahoma recently learned the hard way. He was arrested because his place of employment serves bacon-infused vodka, currently a big no-no in the Sooner State.

The owner of The Pump Bar in Oklahoma City, Ian McDermid, told The Journal Record he would go to bat for his employee in trying to fight the charge. “You should see the look on people’s faces, the laughs, when you say my manager went to county lockup for three days because we put strips of bacon inside a bottle of vodka,” McDermid was quoted as saying.

bacon vodka fwx 1 - Oklahoman Arrested for Serving Bacon-Infused Vodka in Bar

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