Beer Lovers are getting excited for Christmas already. Join the growing holiday tradition of the Beer Advent Calendar!

Be aware, this kit contains NO BEER, it’s essentially a box, albeit a nice one with a good purpose and 24 individual compartments with lids.

6bd56671084a15abb9b51d16d58f5c9f original - Beer Advent Calendar - The Beer Lover's Holiday Tradition by The Thirst Amendment

They say…
We love craft beer, and we firmly believe in both a well-informed beer drinker and the growing craft beer community. This community is inspiring people to explore small-scale, local, and better-made beer and has created a platform for beer enthusiasts, brewers, beer store owners, bloggers, writers and entrepreneurs. Because we believe in the resurgence of craft beer, our goal is to inspire others to join the craft beer community through their experience of the Beer Advent Calendar.

DIY Beer Advent Calendars have been around for years, but after realising that unless you built your own Beer Advent Calendar (or convinced someone else to build one for you), you couldn’t participate in the tradition, we wanted to make this holiday tradition more accessible to everyone. Our goal was to create a product that everyone could enjoy and use, regardless of their crafting/handyman skills, income level, or beer preference.

Click here to read more, and maybe get this thing off the ground

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