Pork Scratchings used round the rim of a cocktail glass.

Land course: Slow cooked venison loin, cured ham and white asparagus paired with a bacon infused bourbon old-fashioned with orange, bitters and maple syrup

JS32112618 1 - Pork scratchings round the rim! Robert Florence, dining in the dark.

HS:“It’s got pork scratchings round the rim. Pork scratchings, Rab. It’s got pork scratchings where salt should be. Like a beefy margarita. A bargarita.”

RF:“… Wow.”

HS:“Well, it’s different. Isn’t it different? It says on the menu here that it’s an unorthodox experience. *Left eye twitches slightly*

Read the full article from the source: Robert Florence on dining in the dark, Burnistoun and being a man of the people | Herald Scotland

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