Name: Diane Lester
Review: hi
I bought a bag of loose pork scratchings from the buthers van on Northampton market. They were just how i like them, good amount for £1.50. not too salty a good layer of fat just how i like them, not to hard just crunchy, better than the bags of curled toe nails. Now i wish i could buy ones like that in MiltonKeynes. 10/10 to me maybe some would like them more salty. large pieces a bit pale but all edible no hair or rock hard bits. not many had meat on.

market 1 - Guest Review - Pork Scratchings from Northampton Market Butcher's Van

Ed: Cheers Diane, good work. I looked on the web to see if i could find out more about the butcher in question, hopefully, this is the right business
M&G Butchers Ltd
Fresh and cooked meats, eggs and pies
Open on: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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