Oz Clarke and James May’s big wine adventure


RDF television has asked Hairy Bar Snacks to source some pork scratchings for inclusion on the new series of ‘Oz and James’s big wine adventure‘. So we called a few suppliers for samples and here is what arrived:

ozandjames 01 - Oz Clarke and James May's big wine adventure

For series one Oz and James travelled through France, series two around California, and for series three it’s the turn of the UK. When Oz and James get to the Midlands they will be doing a pork scratching taste testing, like a wine tasting but much better. The program will be shown on the BBC2 later in the year.

So we packed six bags of each variety into a huge box and shipped 10 kilos of The finest pork scratchings to RDF.

ozandjames 02 - Oz Clarke and James May's big wine adventure

Now, all we have to do is wait and see it on TV!

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