Penelope Jane – Handmade Miniature Dolls House Things!

Searching the internet for all things ‘Scratching like’ I stumbled across this!

Handmade miniature Pork Scratchings on a display card, ready for your dolls house or maybe a pub that’s very far away!

penelope jane handmade miniature 01 - Penelope Jane, Handmade Miniature Dolls House Things!

penelope jane handmade miniature 02 - Penelope Jane, Handmade Miniature Dolls House Things!

Below is a message and some more information from Penelope Jane the producer:

Hi, I’m Penelope Jane, after receiving a 1:12 mansion dolls house from my husband as a present I was hooked into the 1:12 miniature world, so now I design and produce 1:12 miniatures of all kinds for dolls house enthusiasts and collectors.

At present, I produce a variety of pub/shop accessories Pork Scratchings (of course) an assortment of KP nuts, scampi fries, wooden boxes of cigarettes, loose packets of cigarettes, open pouches of tobacco the list goes on…

Pork Scratchings are a must for any pub life-size or miniature.
To make the packets I start by very carefully opening all the seams of a life-size packet, (and eating the contents), with all seams open, take a picture of it, transfer it to the pc, edit it as and were needed and reduce the size to 1:12 scale, print it off and cut it out.
Then glue all seams together (as they would be on the original sized packet) but leave the bottom open. Scrunch a small piece of paper, place it inside and glue to bottom back together.
I then have a full packet of 1:12 scale Pork Scratchings.
For the back card that they are glued to, I take a picture of the front of the packet, transfer to the pc, reduce to 1:12, cut it out a glue to a piece of card, I add 2 very tiny sequins to the top of each corner to represent drawing pins and glue on the 5 packets of Pork Scratching leaving 1 loose to do with as you wish, i.e. maybe put on a bar, or table etc…

You can then use double sided sticky tape or glue, to put them on a wall, behind the bar or where ever you wish.

The carded Pork Scratchings are £4.99 each and 50p UK P+P.

I also produce 1:12 shop boxes of KitKats / Rolo / Smarties / Mint Aero / Chocolate Aero / Fruit Pastilles / Fry’s Chocolate Cream / MaltesersSwan Vesta Matches / Golden Virginia Tobacco / Samson Tobacco / Players Cigarettes / Gold Flake Cigarettes and many many more. I will be adding modern cigarette packets to my range in the future…

I look forward to hearing from you,
Penelope Jane

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