Our friends at Snaffling Pig have been chatting to Harriet Green over at City AM.
have a read it’s a good article.

And for those of you who don’t know, Snaffling pig sent HBS some samples. They were sublime, to say the least. A massive jar of scratchings here at HBS towers is a dangerous thing, and they didn’t last long. The maple flavour is to die for. Flavoured scratchings can be a hit or miss affair, just ask Mr Porky, they tried ‘brown sauce flavour’!

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This is the difference between pork scratchings and pork crackling: scratchings are cooked at one temperature, which is why they can be perilously hard.

Read more from the source: The Snaffling Pig co-founders talk GoPros, Dragons’ Den, jail and setting up a business with £500 | City A.M.

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