Bloody Brexit! this is gonna happen, that’s gonna happen, you shake it all about, etc…

Britons are learning the hard way that actions have consequences (DO THEY?) and those consequences are jeopardising their beloved relationship to bacon (AND PORK SCRATCHINGS?). Two realities of post-Brexit Britain are taking a toll on the price of British bacon: flooding halfway around the world and the tumbling value of the pound against other currencies.

The flooding, which took place in northern and central China in late July, displaced hundreds of thousands of people and drove up China’s demand for food, including pork products, thanks to the damage done to the country’s domestic pork industry. In response, UK pig farmers have experienced a 40,000-ton uptick in pork exports to China compared to the same time last year, according to Beacon, a UK-based purchasing company.

brex 1 - Pork Scratchings price increase due to Brexit (probably)

Read more from the source: China floods and a Chinese buying spree are jacking up the price of British bacon—and it’s all thanks to Brexit — Quartz

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