Pork Scratching Scented Candles!

It seems like a lifetime ago. Can you remember when we were last propping up the bar at our local boozer? Can you remember what the pub smelled like?

I think it was a long time ago, a time before the lockdown. We should not go out, and we should stay at home. This advice is good advice.

What Does a Pub Smell Like?

Everyone thinks that they know what a pub smells like. Some people love it, some people hate it. But I argue that the pub no longer smells like it used to.

Well, they don’t smell like they used to smell… …way back when you were allowed to smoke indoors.


A few years back, I would knock off work early on a Friday (about 10 am). I would hop on the tube and before you knew it, I was in the middle of sunny London. I’d go and visit a few art galleries, have lunch at Wong Kei’s, buy a few records in Soho, and then have a nice night out with friends. I’d try to kill a few birds with one massive Friday shaped stone.

The Old Coffee House

I used to be a regular visitor to a London pub called ‘The Old Coffee House‘. My girlfriend worked nearby, so we’d meet up after she’d finished. Invariably, I’d be in the pub by 5 pm at the latest. The pull of the pub was stronger than you can imagine. People working in the local area would slowly dribble in as they finished work for the week. A Soho Friday night could start very early sometimes. There was always someone in the pub to chat to, someone I knew. The pub gradually became fuller and fuller. People drank beer, people smoked fags, people ate scratchings.

I Don’t Smoke

Now, I don’t smoke. I never have. But, I didn’t really mind the smell of a smokey pub, in fact, I quite liked it. I really hated people blowing smoke in my face, but the general smell in the air was OK. It was not a problem.

Then one day, the Government banned smoking in pubs. I can see why. Smoking is bad for you. Lots of people smoked when they drank. It’s probably best for society if fewer people smoked cigarettes.

The Smell After the Ban

So, a week or so after the ban, I walked into The Old Coffee House and it was a bit different. “Ah” I said to the barman, “I see that you have gone for the ‘bare floorboards’ look, you’ve removed the carpet”. I just thought they’d had a little refurb, tried to go a bit more spit & sawdust, a bit ‘gastro’. “Yeah” he said, “Now that no one smokes, we can smell the carpet, and if stinks, we had to rip it up!”

Why Didn’t we Notice Before?

The smoke in the air must have masked the other smells in the pub. Once the smoke blew away, we could smell these ‘other’ smells. It wasn’t nice.

After the smoking ban, the pub was never going to smell the same. Regardless of this lockdown or not, the pub hasn’t smelled like a pub for years. maybe these candles will bring back that olfactory memory that we didn’t realise we’d forgotten about.


candle with smell of the local and pork scratchings - Pork Scratching Scented Candles!

Pork Scratching Scented Candles!

Introducing ‘Scents of Normality’. An exclusive candle collection that smells like the places we miss the most during lockdown. This limited series comes in three evocative scents, reflecting some of the nation’s favourite hangouts.
Buy for charity. Burn for Normality #scentsofnormality

While the impact of Covid-19 continues to affect many businesses across the UK, the hospitality industry faces a particularly uncertain future, having sustained lasting impact from the pandemic including widespread closures, job losses, reduced hours and reduction in pay. We are honoured to be able to lend our support in collaboration with Uncommon Creative Studio to help support these workers who are suddenly facing hardship.

It evokes the smell of a classic British boozer. Top notes of spilt beer, hair pomade and chip fat jostle amongst a pungent base of varnished teak and sticky carpet. A waft of testosterone gives way to the ersatz-lemon of a urinal block, as the salted breath of pork scratchings is soused in cheap rosé and freckled with cigarette ash. A potent fragrance that lingers, like the melancholy ramblings of an old inebriate.

Buy them here: https://www.earlofeast.com/blogs/journal/scents-of-normality

The proceeds are going to the very lovely Hospitality Action.

Original Article: https://londonist.com/london/things-to-do/this-london-candle-shop-has-just-released-a-scents-of-normality-range-and-it-is-glorious

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candles - Pork Scratching Scented Candles!


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