Pork Scratchings from the People’s Republic of China!

What’s this I hear you say! Pork Scratchings from China, but hold on a minute, these are not Chinese flavour scratchings from the UK, but actual scratchings made in the People’s Republic of China!

Now I know almost everything we see these days is made in China, but by the looks of things, the Chinese are new to the amazing world of pig skin based snacks in the same style as we love here in the UK. I’m 100% sure that the Chinese have come across pork crackling in other forms before, but maybe not as we have over here, served cold, in a bag as a stand-alone snack. Do you remember when Hairy Bar Snacks was interviewed for the radio4 food program? Charles Campion and I went out for a bite to eat at Kam Tong Chinese Restaurant where we sampled some great Chinese crispy belly pork – Click here for a reminder.

Anyway, Ke from China has been in touch. He’s got a new Chinese version of the world’s favourite snack, and he’s trying to spread the word. Hairy Bar Snacks have said that we would help in our own little way. Hopefully, a few of the 1.386 billion Chinese people will be popping over to the Hairy Bar Snacks website to see what all this fuss is about.

packaging 930x1024 - Pork Scratchings from the People's Republic of China
Nice-looking packaging.

They say:

It’s British. It’s Pub-style. It’s within Your Reach.

description - Pork Scratchings from the People's Republic of China

Roughly translated: Star snacks in English bars, At your fingertips.
Today, crisp pork skin has become popular in the British bar and has become a national-level snack. There is even a third-party agency, Hairy Bar Snacks*, which scores and evaluates pig skin products from various manufacturers. (This kind of treatment, “Looking at the Stars” has not been.)
Quoted from third-party evaluation agency “Hairy Bar Snacks”
Official website: hairybarsnacks.com

Pintpal doesn’t have a website yet, but we will add a link as soon as we find out what it is.

Ke says that a porky delivery is on its way. As soon as they arrive, we will do a quick review and let you all know about it.

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