Pork Scratching Flavour Water! - Snaqua is the World’s First Savoury Water.

When I saw this, it threw me. I like to share any pork scratching related news so my interest was piqued.

This looks like the sort of thing people see on social media, then comment on, forward, only to find out a few days later that it's a total piss-take! I'm not convinced this is real.

you can have a look at the website and make up your own mind... snaqua.biz, It's all there.

So, why do I think there's something dodgy going on here?

Well, I know how easy it is to buy a domain name and knock up a simple one-page website, with a few stock graphics and a copy of PhotoShop (or other). I have done it many times.

Let's look at the pros and cons...


It's a good name.
I have seen sillier things.
It's a funny old world.
Why Not?


The Water...
Savoury water does not 'sound' very nice.
There are too many flavours for a fledgling business (Twelve! Four maybe, but twelve!).
The flavours are ridiculous.
The Business...
It's easy to fake.
It's easy to buy a cheap domain name.
It's easy and free to make graphics, like with Canva.
It's easy to build a simple WordPress website.
The website is not HTTPS secure, a rookie mistake.
It's easy to put out a press release.
The company name is not registered at Companies House.
The brand name is not Trademarked.
The Reason...
There's a suggestive link at the bottom of the website page to Home Leisure Direct. This seems to be a link building exercise for the parent company.
If you can muster up some attention and send people to your business, all good!

The Flavours...

Mature Cheddar & Pickled Onion
Salt & Vinegar.
Prawn Cocktail.
Pork Scratching.
Steak & Kidney Pudding.
Scampi & Lemon.

Classics = Not good enough to be called gourmet, but they don't want to make them sound worse than the gourmet options.

Oysters & Shallot Vinegar.
Charred Hispi & Romesco.
Lobster Thermidor.
Panchetta Carbonara.
Sichuan Braised Pork Belly.
Sourdough Guacamole.

Gourmet = This looks like a generated list of pretentious food names.

How To Decipher Pretentious Menus

They Say...

Snaqua is the 'World’s First Savoury Water'
Snaqua is water you can snack on.

Snaqua was inspired by many long nights spent at the pub. Whether it was stood around the pool table, throwing darts, a shuffleboard showdown, or simply after-work drinks at the local, fuelling our competitive energy with one too many nibbles left us looking for a creative way to stay healthy and hydrated on a night out.

We needed a way to enjoy all the glory of classic pub snacks without all the excess salt, sugar and saturated fats, so we devised an unorthodox solution. How can we stay hydrated and healthy on a night of games while still enjoying the savoury hit of our favourite naughty nibbles? Snaqua was the answer.

In Conclusion

I saw the maggot and bit the hook.
This is a wind-up.
I may be wrong, and part of me hopes that I am.
No news is bad news, so even if I'm wrong, there's no problem.
I would like to try the Pork Scratching flavour water from Snaqua. I'll try almost anything once.
If they are legit, I'd expect them to reach out to me and see if I want to try the Pork Scratching flavour.
Let's wait and see.

Have a look at the website and make up your own mind... snaqua.biz

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Oscar Wilde

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