Do Pork Scratchings Make You Fat?

Pork scratchings are high in fat and protein and have virtually no carbs. Foods that are high in fat don’t necessarily make you fat.

Two-thirds of the fat in pork scratchings is made up of mono and polyunsaturated fats, which are both beneficial for your heart health. These fats are also full of Oleic Acid which is a healthy monounsaturated fatty acid. There is a clear difference between good and bad fats, and pork scratchings contain a lot of good fats.

Everyone knows that nuts and avocados are high in fat, but they are high in good fats.

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The high protein content in pork scratchings may keep you feeling full, which can, in turn, stop you from eating more. Protein takes longer to digest than carbohydrates do, which explains why it can suppress appetite. So that’s a good thing I suppose.

If you eat lots of calories and don’t burn off the calories, then you are likely to gain weight. It’s a simple in and out kind of thing with regards to eating. But as with everything, it’s not as clear as we may have first thought.

The high fat / low carb aspect of pork scratchings would seem to mean that they are a good candidate for diets like the Atkins Diet or the Keto Diet so in some circumstances, pork scratchings do not make you fat.

Can I Eat Pork Scratchings on a Diet?

You can eat virtually anything if you are on a diet. It’s just you may need to eat less of the things that have a lot of calories. Basically, eat less.

But that’s not the whole story, because some people are on a high fat / low carb diet, like the keto diet. This would seem to be a different kettle of fish altogether. Click here to read our pork scratching keto article.

There are lots of diets, all purporting to be the next big thing. But let’s face it, if there was a simple way to lose weight, then we’d all know about it. There wouldn’t be 100s of different types of diet.

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Eating Pork Scratchings during lockdown

I have been eating more scratching than usual during the lockdown.

I don’t often eat scratchings unless I have been kindly sent them by a producer, or I’m at the pub. During lockdown, I have not been going to the pub, so I have been buying the best and cheapest pork scratchings I could find. Buying quite a few bags at a time so that I don’t have to keep going shopping.

So, I have probably been eating around 5 bags a week. I have not put on any weight.

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Is there any food nutritionally worse than pork scratchings?

This is a strange one, at first glance, pork scratchings may seem like a ‘bad’ food. But this may not be the case, have a look at our article Is there any food nutritionally worse than pork scratchings?. You will see that pork scratchings can be fairly good for you.

And remember, NEVER take medical advice from a pork scratching website.

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